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How to print survey report

February 21st, 2011

Currently, we don’t have the option to export your survey report for printing. So if you want to print report, you need to use browser’s print function. For most browsers, you can find the print function under File tab of your browser. And for those who use Google Chrome, click on the wrench icon to find this function.

Before printing, make sure you set the printer to print page background too. Click on File tab of your browser, open Page Setup, make sure the “Print background” option is selected.

Rreview to make everything looks ok before you click “Print”.

PLEASE NOTE: as our charts are generated using flash, you can’t print them directly using web print function. Create a chart first then right click your mouse on the chart to save it to local drive.

Bonus coins granted!

February 9th, 2011

Those who have taken and submitted our customer satisfaction survey before Jan 31 should go & check your account balance now! We’ve granted 250 coins to your account as we promised. You now have more coins to spend for your online researches! ;D

Matrix, Rating Scales and Ranking questions

January 24th, 2011

Rating scales and Ranking questions are two common question types in survey researches. In our new system, SurveyPie can now support these two question types. To add a Rating Scale question or Ranking question, you first need to add a Matrix question to your survey.

SurveyPie even allows you to easily analyze Rating scale questions by adding scores to each answer choice. In the final report, you get a Total score and an Average score. But make sure you set your points of each answer choice correctly.

Of course, if you don’t need to analyze any scores, simply set the Matrix to “Multiple choice”.

If you want your respondents to rank a series of answer choices, set the question to “Ranking”. By seleting this option, your respondents can choose only one from each column for this question.

Save time & energy by managing surveys smartly

January 10th, 2011

As SurveyPie never put limits on your survey or response numbers, you can create as many surveys as you like. However, “My surveys” only displays 7 surveys per page. How to find your targeting survey easy and fast? There are 3 ways to do this.

1. Search. Type one or two keywords of your targeting survey title into the search box, you can find it right away.

2. Sort. Surveys can be sorted in 3 ways: by survey titles, by the date of survey creation and by the date of survey modification. You can choose to display surveys from A to Z or Z to A, from oldest to newest or newest to oldest. It’s totally your call.

3. Tag. You may have several surveys using the same title, but distributed via different channels. To make it easier for management, tag them differently. Click on [Modify] and enter a suitable tag for you to recognize.

In the future, you can find all surveys sharing the same tag easily by choosing it in the drop-down menu of tags.

These are the 3 easy ways to manage your surveys fast. If you find out other ways to manage surveys more efficiently, don’t forget to share with us! :)

How to earn bonus SurveyPie coins

January 6th, 2011

Although we introduced the Pay-As-You-Go payment system, it doesn’t mean you really have to pay cash to use those advanced features. SurveyPie offers you several ways to earn free bonus coins!

1. Verify your email

When registering with us, you only need to provide your valid email address. This email address helps us to identify you in the future so we give you proper services or technical supports. When you log in, there’ll be a pop-up window asking you to verify your email. Follow the instructions, you get 500 coins in just 2 steps!

2. Invite friends to SurveyPie

We have a friends referral mode to help you earn coins much easier. After email verification, click [Invite Friends Now] button to go to Invite Friends page. We have an option to help you sending out invitations via emails. And we are also develping the feature to post your invitations to your Facebook wall or Twitter page. By inviting friends, you earn another 500 coins!

3. Join our promotion activities

We will be holding all kinds of activities from time to time. And usually, we give out free coins as rewards to users participate. For example, we are currently collecting user feedbacks and for those who finish our User satisfaction survey before Jan 31, 2011, we give each of them 250 coins for free! Have you taken our satisfaction survey yet?

Click this link to join:

Create small adventure games using SurveyPie

December 27th, 2010

Although we prefer to call SurveyPie a “professional online survey creator”, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it for fun. In fact, with a little bit imagination, you can make small adventure games (AVG) using SurveyPie.

Step 1: Find or write a script attractive to players.

For example, I wrote a short script about rescuing kitty. You play a role who’s trying to find his/her little pet cat on Christmas Eve.

Story background: It’s Christmas Eve tonight, but my cat Kitty is missing! She’s so young and it’s snowing heavily outside, I must find her immediately!

Step 2: Slip your script into several scenes with different choices.

These choices will decide how the story goes when playing. For example, my first scene is:

I’m standing in the living room, where should I go to find Kitty?

A. Upstairs.

B. Outside.

C. Down to basement.

Step 3: Login to SurveyPie and start creating scenes based on your story.

On the survey edit panel, give your small AVG a title and a short description about the story background. Then add a new page to set up your first scene. Make sure you put each scene on a different page.

Step 4: Add logic to your questions, so each choice leads to a different result.

Open Logic edit panel, choose a question to start adding logic rules.

Step 5: Make your game look nice by changing themes.

Open Theme panel, choose from SurveyPie default themes or add your custom background images.

Step 6: All done! Send it out to your friends to invite them to play!

Quite easy isn’t it? You can now make your own little adventure game to play with your friends! Try it out now by login to SurveyPie! See how my game in action here:

Merry Christmas Pie-lovers!

December 24th, 2010

Make sure you get yourself a great holiday, you deserve it!

So do we! :-D

SurveyPie Pay-As-You-Go account

December 20th, 2010

Three weeks ago, we launched our new website and latest system, v3.0 beta. We also brought in a new account type called “Pay-as-you-go” (PAYG). As it’s totally new, we received some enquiries towards the benefits of this PAYG account. Here I’m going to explain it in details.

If you’ve used any other similar web survey tools before, you may know they usually charge your credit card on a monthly basis until you call it off on your end. For infrequent users who conduct no more than 1 survey a month, this is quite expensive and inconvenient. So we introduced this PAYG account especially for infrequent users like students, SOHO and non-profit organizations.

Generally, our PAYG account is the same as “Basic account” on other survey website. It’s totally free and will never expire. In contrast, you get a chance to use pro features without upgrading your account to a Monthly or Quarterly (or whatever length) plan here!

There are 6 pro features that most of our users don’t need to use. When and only when you decide to use a pro feature, you “Enable” this particular feature on one of your surveys. Enabling a pro feature costs you coins you earned or purchased at our website. I’m not going to explain coins or payments here. If you need to know more, please visit our Help Centre at

So let’s sum up. If you are an infrequent user who creates less than one survey a month, we highly recommend you to use our PAYG account. You save up to $15 a month here (less than 1 survey a month, with all pro features enabled)!

Dress your surveys up for the coming festival

December 13th, 2010

Xmas’s coming! What’s your plan for this big holiday? Are you staying home with your family, or are you going out somewhere with your friends? For those who haven’t made up your mind yet, why don’t you try setting up a survey to collect opinions from your friends (like the example given below)? You can always get fresh ideas from others.

To go with holiday scenes, we’ve designed some very pretty survey skins for you. Make sure your surveys look beautiful during Xmas as you do!

To load a theme to your survey, go to edit panel and click on Themes tab. Find your preferred theme in the list and click on it. Wait a while for the theme to load, and don’t forget to save before continue!

You can see the first theme in action here: